Sunday, November 06, 2005

Questions that need to be asked

If you were given three wishes for a group to represent the needs, people, and issues of the high technology sector in Alberta what would that group look like.

What would its primary purpose for being, be?

If this group had three goals to achieve within its first three years, what would those be in your opinion.

What three issues in government policy would the group need to help address for the industry?

What three issues does this group need to address amongst the stakeholders in the high technology sector in Alberta?

Who should this group be for, and how do we attract them to the group?

When those people get to the group how do we assure we engage them to help the group make the wishes of yours come true?

What should the name of the group be?

Of those who you think should be a part of the group, where are they?

How would a group like this reach them with information on the group?

If we wanted you to be a member of this group what do we need say to you that would make you join?


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