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Technology Newsletter - Alberta - February 25, 2007 - Issue 2 - It's Back

As I did in 2005 and some of 2006, I am returning to the sending out of a newsletter on issues, news and ideas that are related to the technology sector in Alberta in nature, but important to Canadians in a wholistic form or way.

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The Daily

Biotechnology Use and Development Survey

2005 (preliminary)

The number of innovative biotechnology firms grew to 532 in 2005 from 490 in 2003, an increase of 9%, according to new preliminary data from the Biotechnology Use and Development Survey. This was lower than the 31% increase between 2001 and 2003 (from 375 to 490 firms). Between 1997 and 2005, when there were 282 firms, the compound annual growth rate was 8%.

An innovative biotechnology firm is a firm that uses biotechnology for the purpose of developing new products or processes.

Combined, these 532 companies generated revenues of $4.2 billion in 2005, up 9% from 2003. Their spending on research and development (R&D) also increased 15% to $1.7 billion.

Large biotech companies, those with at least 150 employees, represented only 10% of the 532 biotech firms in 2005, but accounted for 68% of biotech revenues. Three-quarters of all companies were small firms, that is, they had fewer than 50 employees.

By contrast, biotechnology related R&D was more equally distributed between the three sizes of firms.

More than 75% of the innovative biotechnology firms were in three provinces: Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. These provinces continue to comprise the bulk of Canadian biotechnology activity, accounting for more than 90% of biotechnology revenues in 2005.

Ontario firms led the way in biotechnology revenues, R&D expenditures and employment, whereas those in Quebec accounted for the largest share of biotechnology firms.

Biotechnology related to human health remained the most significant biotechnology sector in terms of number of firms, employment, R&D and revenues.

The number of employees with biotechnology responsibilities increased to over 13,400 from about 11,900 in 2003.

Definitions, data sources and methods: survey number 4226.

Preliminary data from the 2005 Biotechnology Use and Development Survey are now available.

To request data tables or to enquire about the concepts, methods or data quality of this release, contact Charlene Lonmo (613-951-6617; or Antoine Rose (613-951-5582;, Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division.

Biotechnology key indicators


Innovative biotechnology companiesEmployees with biotechnology-related activitiesBiotechnology revenuesBiotechnology R&D expenditures
number$ millions$ millions
British Columbia931,942586285
Human health30310,7912,9551,486
Agriculture and food processing1301,5661,075157
Small (0 to 49 employees)3994,466402576
Medium (50 to 149 employees)833,613961492
Large (150 employees and over)515,3542,829635
Euse with caution

Don Hill is returning to the 'public' airwaves in Alberta, this month - a documentary series for
What exactly is leadership? And what is leading in the 21st century?
It’s a question put to over 50 leaders in a series of conversations for INSPIRING LEADERSHIP,
a new CKUA Radio Network series about leading in the 21st Century.
You’ll hear from people at the top of their game:
Preston Manning, Elizabeth May, leading academics like Henry Mintzberg, and business leaders such as Charlie Fischer and Eric Newell conversations that make a difference. Leadership comes in many flavours. Whether you’re managing in the middle, running a small business or a large multinational -- perhaps you’re a volunteer at the local community league or a coach -- INSPIRING LEADERSHIP speaks to contemporary leadership, best practices, and the challenge of leading.
The documentary series begins January 20th at 8 AM on the CKUA Radio Network.
The complete article is here:
The 20 part series will be on-line, inclusive of many 'web extra' audio files and support materiel at
You can listen to a 'sneak preview' of INSPIRING LEADERSHIP here: (click on the 'what's new' prompt)

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